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Classroom Planning and Classroom Project Management: Tools and Original, Creative and Materials

Resources that Save Time, Relieve Teacher Stress and Build Success

All you need to plan and manage your classroom

Minutes of planning using our materials can bring you hours of time saved.

Using the right tools…a detailed yearly plan overview, reusable/ multi-use templates, and streamlined record keeping…can pay off.

You can start now, using the tools that we provide.

You can develop skills and improve your performance as you work with these materials and strategies.

Payoffs include more work for the same amount of time invested, and better student outcomes from that work.

Imagine how much time you can save.

Imagine how much that saved time is worth to you.

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You will also find instructional material formats that were invented here. The Daily Oral Language, Daily Oral Math, and Daily Oral Vocabulary strategies that we developed are creative and original. These strategies increase learning because…

  • The activities are connected with a creative storyline
  • The activities rely on dialog instead of narrative
  • The stories are funny
  • Students identify with the characters of the stories
  • The stories connect to Thematic Units Model so student develop meaningful internal knowledge structures
  • The materials use Graphic Organizers
  • The focus upon Multiple Intelligences shows students that we prize each of them, for their unique abilities

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Teaching Tools and Original, Creative Materials

From: Joseph Chmielewski

Daily Oral Language strategies get great results.

Daily Oral Dialogs get results

But, we developed "Daily Oral Dialogs" to get even better results!