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Tutorials are a centerpiece of this Web site.

Part of helping teachers to save time and decrease stress is the need for teachers to be able to do a number of things for themselves. We will show you how to do these things.

Watch for new tutorials to be posted on this site as the school year progresses.

The advantage to teachers from visiting this site compared to thousands of other sites is that we focus upon generic, multi-use, and reusable materials.

We also focus on using technology because automation of many tasks provides an increase in teacher productivity. This means doing the same (or more work) with less effort.

Our definition of productivity is different than administrators, business people, or politicians definition. Our definition focuses upon what is good for teachers and students. We believe that teachers should be able to teach more with less work and less stress. That is our definition.

The business/ political definition is "warped" and not good for teachers and students. The business definition goes something like this, "If it costs $40K for one teacher to teach a class of 20 students, if we place 40 students in the class we instantly double the teacher's productivity! (Anyone who believes this is an administrator or politician, but not a competent teacher.)

Not only do we provide actual materials without cost, but we demonstrate how to customize these materials, and how to create new ones.

Why should a teacher part with their own money to purchase a black line master book with graphic organizers when the teacher can easily make these with software that they already have (or software that they can obtain for free)?

Tutorials are included in our eZine at the start of each Thematic Unit, and they are posted here.

The list of tutorials will increase as work on this site progresses. Bookmark this page and check back frequently, or subscribe to our RSS Feed to keep track of our progress.