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The only way that a massive amount of coaching and practicing for high-stakes tests can be efficient is when the test-taking practice focuses upon higher order thinking skills that are applied to the curriculum.

This is easily done by writing your own practice materials. However, if you partner with other teachers and share, you will not have to create only a few of these practice tests per year.

The alternative is for you to spend $12.95 to $19.95 on black line master test practice books. Unfortunately, these books do not shadow your curriculum, nor do they fit in with where your students are in the lesson.

Therefore, most test practice is practice in isolation.

In addition, most test practice books are not structured in the way that you know what exactly each question is asking. These practice exercises do not alert students to the kind of question they are answering.

Using the templates that we provide, you can drop relevant content (story, news, online content) into the "selection" section of the template, then follow the categories and fill out the question section.

The company that hosts this Web site does not offer the ability to store Microsoft Word(TM) formatted files. Therefore, the document files must be sent by E-mail at this time.

Links to download sample tests and templates:

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Sample Math Story

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Math Question Writing Template

Sample Reading Test: Ducks Travel

Sample Reading Test: Texas Flags History

Sample Reading Test: Thanksgiving History

Reading Test Template #1

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Story Starter: Five Frames Sample

Story Starter: Five Frames Sample Test

Spelling Test Form