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Teacher Sharing

Classroom Toolkit provides a platform for creative teachers to share ideas and materials.

Any materials posted on this site retain the copyright of their author.

We reserve the right to post content that matches our focus of saving teacher time and decreasing teacher stress.

Consultants' Toolkit

The materials presented on this site may be used as part of a consultant's toolkit.

These materials are geared toward the needs of in-house district and campus staff members, but independent consultants may find the materials helpful.

The only requirement for the use of these materials is that they retain the original copyright information of the creator of those materials.

Link to Consultant's Toolkit Resources

Parallel Web sites

We encourage creative teachers to build their own Web sites once they have developed a focus and strategy of their own.

We provide resource materials and how-to information to get this project started.

Developing a Web site requires planning and proof of concept.

Web sites also must be written for two audiences, other teachers and Search Engines. If your site is invisible to the Search Enginers, the teachers that you want to help will not find your materials.

If no one finds it, the most elegant and artistic site is a waste of its creator's time.

Is there a book (or eBook) in you?

Teachers with effective and focused materials can learn to publish this content for the good of their colleagues.

Creating a book is difficult, but rewarding.

If teachers begin the year planning on developing their book, they can produce the content, little-by-little throughout the school year.

The only caution for using this approach is to ensure that your employer does not have a claim on the material that you create. Please check with your employer's human resource office before writing a book that you won't own the copyright for.

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Administrators' Corner

School District Administrators play a major role in making work for teachers easier and more productive.

This site offers a special window into the world of teachers, a world that administrators don't get to share in once they become supervisors and evaluators of teachers.

Teachers don't feel safe confiding about job difficulties with the person that is going to observe and evaluate them. Teachers don't complain about sensitive issues where honest feelings might make them appear weak or inept to their evaluators.

Visit the rest of our site to find out about the real world of teachers, but we have some special information for you, too.

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