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Student projects have so much going for them that it is difficult to see why teachers would stick with text-book driven. teacher-talk-based instruction.

Student projects allow students the change the learning activity pace, allow students to get up and move around, allow students to talk together about the lesson, and allow students to reveal their thinking processes to teachers and other students. One student correcting another student’s misperceptions is powerful learning for both students.

Assessment is also more authentic when projects are evaluated.

Projects can focus upon several of the Multiple Intelligences to create richer and more exciting student products. Integrating Multiple Intelligence requirements into student projects gives all students a chance to shine, and demonstrates how teams of students can contribute complementary skills to produce better project outcomes.

Projects also span multiple days (or weeks), and allow students to assimilate and apply learned concepts in an authentic way. Students who work on projects are able to view the concepts that they learn in both a deductive (specific, linear, sequential, logical) manner; and view the concepts in an inductive (general, non-linear, relational, holistic) manner.

One of the most useful strategies for you to use to map Multiple Intelligences to student projects is our Student

Link to download:

Learning Project Assignment Form (PDF format)

Portfolio Conference Graph Form (PDF format)

Science Cooperative Group Project Form (PDF format)