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Special Software Values that Pay Back Costs with Teacher’s Time Saved and Other Benefits

Here are links to software resources that will save you time. We do not sell this software, so you will be taken to another site.

Open Source Software: Free to Use

Because we have started an Open Source for Educational Materials movement, we support your use of Open Source Software.

Here is a link to our Open Source Software Links Page.

Valuable Commercial Programs at a Low Price

ParaMind™ Brainstorming Software
This is software that will increase your ability to create lots of brainstorming text ideas.
Link to ParaMind™ Education pages

ParaMind™ Lite: $29.95

Buy ParaMind Lite Brainstorming Software for Windows

The ParaMind™ Standard version for Windows(TM) at $49.95.

Buy ParaMind™ Brainstorming Software for Windows

ParaMind™ Brainstorming Software for Macintosh(TM) at $49.95.

Buy ParaMind Brainstorming Software 2.3 for Mac 68K Users
Snagit™ 8

Extraordinary Image Capture Software at an educational discount of $24.95

Link to the TechSmith Educational Discount site

Stores and finds all the Internet and research information you capture. Then enables you to search for every item you saved at $35.00

Link to the Surfulater™ site

Purchase Surfulater™ now

Visual Thesaurus(TM)

This is the software that was used to create the Daily Oral Vocabulary (DOV) Samples that we featured in our first newsletter.

Link to those DOV Samples