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Daily Oral Dialogs - Replacement for stale DOLs

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Teaching Reading with Fables

Recommended Resources for Teachers: Free and Top Quality Services/ Support

Top Quality/ Free/ Something for every teacher. Bookmark this site as soon as you visit


4Teachers in Spanish
Join in and do something about the sedentary, non-nutritious-diet of our children. State projects are forming in every state.

Action for Healthy Kids™

Free, content-specific professional development.


An online chart of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Memorize this page. Print and weld to your plan book

Aim High

Free Online Professional Development from Curriculum Associates™

Curriculum Associates™

Easy Fun School (Focus on Home Schooling, but school district teachers may find useful resources here - Over 1500 pages of free activities, articles, and other resources to make education fun and enjoyable for both child and parent educator.)


A catch-all site with a wealth of resources. Visit when you have some extra time.

Education World™

Easy to understand descriptions, links and recommendations about Mind Mapping, digital portfolios, books, site and tutorials.

My Educator's Tool Box


Digital Portfolio Resources

A “Webinar“" that is worth whatever time is required to view. (Note: Not tested on a dial-up connections). This Webinar describes the higher-order thought process of non-verbal math. The section on verbal math is a “Must See” for every teacher.

Link to Mind Institute.Org Webinar. (Note: You will need to install the free WebEx plug in to view this video.)

A wealth of information for students and teachers from the official NASA site. (Content rich and free. (Note: A real payback for your tax dollars. Take advantage of this resource.)

NASA home page

Office of Special Education Programs, (US DOE): Programs to give schools capacity-building information and technical assistance for identifying, adapting, and sustaining effective school-wide disciplinary practices. Free articles and practical support from Special Education experts

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support.Org

Authentic assessment and rubric resources. Bookmark this site as soon as you visit


Rubistar™ in Spanish
Resources for teacher to refer parents of Learning Disabled children. Sponsored by Schawb

Online help for Parents of learning-disabled children

Site for children with disabilities (Note: Requires Internet Explorer™ or Netscape™ browser to view.)

Sites for Teachers -- Resource sites ranked by popularity

Sites for Teachers

Videos that point out the disgrace of our national drop out rate. The site is well done, even if managing this issue in our country isn't done well.

Stand Up for what is Right! at Standup.Org

Online Community sponsored by the Oracle™ Foundation for free access. (Note: Enrollment only for accredited schools.) ThinkQuest™ is a competition for students. The library contains student-produced Web projects focused upon content area subjects.



ThinkQuest™ Library

Thompson Gale provides outstanding online resources and original source material. Unfortunately, access to their main collection is through subscription. However, here are some free resources. (Note: these resources can change as the marketing focus changes.)

Black History Month Free Resources

Hispanic Heritage

Poets' Corner

Women's' History

Guest Columnist Reviews