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Classroom planning toolkits and resources that produce paybacks in time saved, stress-relief and successful learning outcomes.
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Education News and resources for teacher that produce paybacks in time saved, stress-relief and successful learning outcomes
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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide all the Teacher Resource tools needed to plan and manage a successful classroom.
Planning tools: Teacher planning tools that save time and streamline instruction.
Project Management
Classroom project management provides paybacks in time, stress-relief and successful outcomes from instruction
Lesson Planning
Lesson Planning: Teacher resources for lesson planning to save time, relieve stress and make teaching easier
Classroom scheduling tools deliver paybacks in time savings and stress-relief for teachers
Substitute Planning
Substitute planning is one of the most important areas for decreasing stress.
Classroom Management
Classroom management strategies for saving time, decreasing stress, and increasing learning.
Assessment Tools for paybacks in time management, stress-relief and successful student outcomes
Behavior Management
Behavior management tools offer paybacks in time saved, stress-relief and positive student outcomes.
Organization and Personal Management
Paybacks in time, stress-relief and successful outcomes from strategic classroom organizing and planning
Instructional Management
Instructional Management: Free and Open Source teacher resource materials for classroom planning and management
Multiple Intelligences
Instruction based upon Multiple Intelligences teaches more, creates more impact from learning and saves more time than any other method
Thematic Units
Thematic Units solidify meaning around clusters of information, increasing student learning, and decreasing the work that teachers need to do"
Daily Oral Language (DOL)
Daily Oral Language (DOL) is a strategy for building student success in learning grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.
Daily Oral Math (DOM)
Daily Oral Math builds successful math skills from this strategic classroom activity
Daily Oral Vocabulary (DOV
Daily Oral Vocabulary increases vocabulary development skills
Drop Everything and Read/ Sustained Silent Reading (DEAR/SSR)
Sustained Silent Reading: Drop Everything and Read: Reading Strategies and successful outcomes from the strategic use of DEAR/ SSR.
Graphic Organizers
Graphic organizers that any teacher can print and use for multiple classroom activities
Graphic Organizer Starter Kit
A Graphic Organizers Starter kit that any teacher can print and use for multiple classroom activities
Higher-Order Questioning
Higher-order Questioning: Thinking skills for successful student learning.
Thinking for Test-Taking
Test-taking skill development offers paybacks and successful students outcomes from strategic instructional strategies.
Learning Centers
Learning centers require strategic planning and careful design if they are to produce paybacks in added time, stress-relief and successful learning outcomes
Student Projects
Student projects deliver learning experiences with so many positive benefits that teachers can plan project activities for every school day
Classroom Resources: Tutorials, links, sites, books, newsletters, publications, software and classroom resource partners
Special Software Values that Paybacks Back in Teacher Time Saved, stress-relief and successful outcomes from strategic classroom Use
Paybacks in time, stress-relief and successful outcomes from strategic classroom planning tutorials
Here are links to resources for teachers that offer some of the best (and free) support and services.
Classroom Planning Links -- Strategic Teacher Resources for saving time, stress-relief and building successful students outcomes
Open Source Hardware
Open Source Hardware strategies that can provide free or low cost computers in classrooms
Open Source Software
Open Source Software that saves time increase teachers' productivity
Open Source Web CMS
Open Source Web Content Management can assist teachers in developing low-cost, dynamic; class projects, course management system and other creative programs for their schools.
Open Source Blogs
Open Source Blogs to assist teachers in developing cost-savings hardware and software programs for their schools.
Sharing and consulting help teachers develop skills
Consultant's Toolkit
Tools to help teachers save time, reduce stress, and learn strategic classroom skills
Administrator's Corner
Administrative attitudes, skills, knowledge, and tools to support teacher's time management, stress-relief and successful classroom outcomes

Article Reprints

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Mutual Storytelling Technique
The Mutual Storytelling Technique: Power and Simplicity with Little or No Work
Teacher Overload
Teacher Overload and how to deal with the stress and burnout. Talk to someone. Realize that the system has the problem, not you
Teacher Silence
Telling it Like it Is in Education: The Muffled, Muzzled, Muted Sounds of Silenced Teachers -- Teachers are silent about the detrimental NCLB Law
School District Stakeholders: Budget Blindness undercuts Education Quality
School district stakeholders under fund and undersupport important programs. It is better that schools not offer programs than to offer less than quality programs.
Backward Bilingual Programs
Backwards design and underfunding of Bilingual Programs places our Hispanic students at risk of an inadequate education.
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