Strategic Teacher Resources for Lesson Planning

Teachers can save time and decrease stress if they create the right kind of lesson plans.

These lesson plans are strategic (if they are streamlined and effective). These lesson plans are not strategic if they follow a curriculum guide, textbook, or high-stakes testing map of objectives.

There are several issues that must be resolved concerning lesson plans:

  • What works
  • What is for show
  • What has to be turned in
  • What the team teacher or team agrees upon
  • What has to be left for the substitute
  • What the lessons will be during an evaluation

Except for the first item, “What works,” the other important considerations have little to do with instruction.

Requirements for a “What Works” lesson plan (that saves time and is effective)

A lesson planning system is “What Works.”

The components of a system such as this include:

  • It maps to a yearly plan so that nothing is left out
  • It is automated so you don’t waste time copying
  • It motivates students and focuses upon how they learn
  • It is easy to reference and refer to
  • It is easy to find what you need, easy to change course, easy to evaluate

Teaching Tools and Original, Creative Materials

From: Joseph Chmielewski

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