Lesson Plan Forms

The ideal Lesson Plan Form is one that..

  • Can be automated
    • Mail Merge a plus
    • Can be updated with a spreadsheet or database
    • Can be worked on by collaborators or members of an instructional team
  • Can be submitted electronically
  • Can be viewed for instant information (During class, you don’t have time to read it)
  • Reminds you of the positive instructional habits that you are developing
  • “Oversteps” the boundaries of subjects
    • Includes math in every lesson
    • Includes reading in every lesson
    • Includes problem-solving in every lesson
    • Includes decision-making in every lesson
    • Includes a graphic organizer in every lesson
    • Includes Multiple Intelligences in every lesson
  • Connects to the thematic unit in at least one (preferably several) ways

Although we believe that our strategy of creating modules and automating lesson planning is quicker and more efficient, we are providing links to some of the most used lesson planning sites on the Internet. Check these out, and decide for yourself if our method saves you time.

Links to other Lesson Planning Resources on the Web. (Each opens in its own window)

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