Lesson Management System

What we are talking about is a lesson management system

Lesson plans are hit-and-miss without a lesson planning and management system in place.

This lesson planning system needs to include a “big picture” view…a yearly plan.

Then, the lesson planning system can focus upon keeping students engaged in high-quality learning experiences.

The high quality experiences include all the items described in the Instructional Management section of this Web site:

Your focus must be on what is relevant to students, what expands ┬áthinking, and what engages students’ interests.

We recommend a project strategy that promotes Higher-Order Thinking and Multiple Intelligences.

Teaching Tools and Original, Creative Materials

From: Joseph Chmielewski

Daily Oral Language strategies get great results.

Daily Oral Dialogs get results

But, we developed "Daily Oral Dialogs" to get even better results!