A Lesson Plan we Don’t Recommend

Years ago, I developed an Access™ database that would merge with the lesson plan that was required on the campus where my wife worked.

This created stellar lesson plans, but it took about an hour a week to keep the database updated. It also produced an eleven-page lesson plan.

I call this the  All but the Kitchen Sink Lesson Plan.

The reason that we don’t recommend this lesson plan form for daily use is the same reason that you don’t go through a driver’s checklist similar to a commercial pilot’s pre-flight checklist. (If you did use a pre-flight style checklist you would be late for work more times than you would if your car just conked out occasionally.)

However, this lesson plan has some uses:

  • Use at the beginning of the year for overall planning
  • Use in a College Class presentation when studying for your Master’s Degree
  • Revenge for that certain substitute who leaves your room a mess, and you have to re-do all the assignments for the day you were out

Download of the not-recommended Lesson Plan Form

The All but the Kitchen Sink Lesson Plan Sample (PDF Format)

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From: Joseph Chmielewski

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