Lesson Planning

There must be 146 million lesson plans that can be found with any Internet search engine.

The quality of these varies…as does their suitability for the class that you teach.

What access to millions of lesson plans does not do… save you time.

Finding a plan for your specific subject and content needs, for the appropriate grade or ability level, that uses the materials and equipment that you have available…

  • Takes more time than it takes to create the lesson plans yourself
  • Or, it is easier to just follow along with suggestions from the Teachers’ Edition of the textbook

The lesson planning tools that you find here are different.

  • You can use, then re-use the same modules
  • Your colleagues, working on the same units can share their work so that you don’t have so much to do on your own

Lesson Planning Resources

Teaching Tools and Original, Creative Materials

From: Joseph Chmielewski

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