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Teacher Time-Savers

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Open Source software for time savings and productivity benefits

This is software that is completely free. You can use this software for as long as you want without having to pay, ever.

Web Browser

We recommend Firefox™ as an Open Source Web browser. Firefox™ is quick.

Link to the Firefox™ Home Page

Link to download Firefox™

Imaging Editing Program

The GIMP is a photo retouch and image editing program.

It does some of the things that Adobe™ Photoshop does, but it is free. (Adobe™ Photoshop is a very expensive professional program. But, Photoshop™ is unequaled by any other photo and image editing software product.

The GIMP is a good stand in for someone on a teacher's budget.

Link to the GIMP.Org Home Page.

Mind Mapping Software

Free Mind is an Open Source mind mapping program. The top software in this category is MindManager™. MindGenius™ for Education is also a top product. Both of these software products are expensive, but FreeMind is free.

Link to a WikiPedia Page about Mind Mapping

Link to the Free Mind Home Page

Office Productivity Software

Open Office™ is a replacement for commercial office suites. Open Office also reads and writes files in the various Office formats.

This version contains a word processor, spreadsheet, and a presentation program. All Open Office™ components are compatible with the Microsoft™ Office file formats.

Open Office™ is also a product that you can give to students without cost. In fact Open Office™ has a goal of providing a copy of the program to every student in the world.

Link to the Open Office Download Page

 Use OpenOffice.org

Link to the Open Office™ CD image. This image makes distribution CDs.

Project Management Software

DotProject is an Open Source Project Management Software

Link to the DotProject Home Page

Link to the DotProject Download Page