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This is a switchboard linking articles that we have developed about Marketing Open Source Solutions.

We focused upon these articles because some Open Source advocates promote Open Source software as "low cost, cheap or free" solutions for school districts.

This attitude of "nothing is to good for our students, as long as it is cheap" does a disservice to our schools, and continues the cycle of under funding of inadequate solutions.

Newsletter Articles

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Budget and Finance for School Folks who Love Children

The articles may take a hard line stance, but some school district administrators could be seduced by the rhetoric of saving money on technology. Of course, to have done the job right, our school systems needed to have…
  • Spent six to sixty times as much money on technology integration
  • Realistic expectations for how long implementing such a reform of basic teaching practices would take
  • Provided a quantum level more support for our teachers

Of course, the technology folks went astray by failing to…

  • Target content and curriculum goals for this technology integration
  • Develop direct measures of how technology improves teaching and learning
  • , and went astray by .

It seems unfair to hold teachers responsible for the less than stellar outcomes of these under funded technology integration efforts, especially when school district decision-makers cannot demonstrate commitment to programs such as these by providing the requisite funding.

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