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Our Mission...

Provide all the teacher resources for planning and management for the successful classroom

Our mission is to help teachers by providing all that they need to plan, manage and measure success in their classrooms.

We can help because we provide all the tools.

These tools include

These materials are provided free of charge.

How we help Teachers

We help teachers by providing unified and strategic content. This content saves teachers time and decreases job stress.

This is a how-to site.

We provide tutorials and we demonstrate how to use the materials that we provide.

We also focus upon strategic use of reproducible modules.

With this approach, teachers decrease the amount of materials that they have to find and photocopy (pirate?).

Reproducible modules are a huge time-saver.

What we offer

> We also offer a newsletter that contains materials that teachers can use throughout the year.

The newsletter is organized around yearly planning, project plans, and thematic units.

We model and practice what we teach...some thing that all effective teachers must do.

We also provide links to resources:

How we are different

We are different because we are not selling things at this site.

In fact, we are giving away quality materials.

This is because we are pioneering an Open Source project for education.

Teachers spend approximately $1 billion of their own funds each year.

Since we are not marketing to school districts, we do not need to play politics.

Since we are not investing in advertising, we over deliver on teachers' expectations for a site that can help them.

Our goal is to become the first site that teachers check because teachers want to save time for themselves as they become more efficient at helping their students.

We do not have to support school district initiatives or the No Child Left Behind law.

What we offer instead is a strategy to out perform the limiting effects of teaching and coaching high-stakes test-taking, and methods that blend in such a way as to make teachers look like they are following directives and implementing initiatives, when in fact, they are focusing, instead, on procedures that get the job done.

We know that it is misleading for teachers to pretend to do what they are ordered to do, and to be able to pass inspection and observations for doing what they are not doing; but, we want master teachers to keep their jobs.

Why "Tell it like it is?"

We are discarding teachers at an alarming rate in our country.

There is an acute teacher shortage.


  • There is no shortage of trained teachers
  • There is no shortage of people that enjoy helping children to learn
  • There is not even a shortage of money for any school district that can get its act together and benefit children