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Classroom Toolkit Blog

Classroom Toolkit Blog

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We want to be partners with anyone who wants to heal, fix, renovate, reform, cure or invigorate teaching.

We want to partner with organizations that are willing to share resources for the sake of a better world... for our teachers, and for all and in our future.

We want to partner with anyone who shares our wish to create an open source education process and share freely.

We invite anyone that wants to do something about the obscene prices charged for some educational content by creating and contributing free content to our world.

Share our Vision

The vision for this site, and responsibility for its creation and update is one person's passion, so far.

My name is Joe Chmielewski, and I retired recently from a school district in Texas, U.S.A.

I worked for ten years as a school district Technology Coordinator/ Administrator. I also worked for 14 years as a Special Education teacher.

I also am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas.

The Technology job was fun, like a hobby, but as a staff of one (for six of those years) I devoted most of the time to hardware, software, servers, E-Rate applications, grants and Web site development. I did these things well, but, didn't have time to share the how-to use the technology information that I learned when teaching.

When teaching, I wrote most of the materials that I used. Now, I have the time to re-write and re-format those materials and share them with anyone who wants to use them.

More importantly, I want you to learn from the demonstration models, and help create the wide range of material that is needed. One person cannot develop enough materials to cover every grade level, subject and teaching situation.

The thematic units that we will publish throughout the upcoming year were designed and developed by my wife, Patti, when she was working as a fourth grade Bilingual teacher.