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Daily Oral Vocabulary Increases Vocabulary Development Skills

Daily Oral Vocabulary (DOV) integrates some of the most strategic components of any lesson. Vocabulary, concepts, relationships...are the backbone of all higher-order thinking skills.

Like Daily Oral Language (DOL) and Daily Oral Math (DOM), Daily Oral Vocabulary focuses upon the connection and chunking of information around each student’s personal relationship to the concept and meaning of the words. Thematic units increase this natural chunking of information since concepts of the various content area subjects tend to merge.

However, Daily Oral Vocabulary gains added power from the natural relationship of words with similar meanings, nuances of words, and graphic organizers.

Like Daily Oral Language (DOL) and Daily Oral Math (DOM), a story line seems to be very effective in keeping students interested in the new words.

But, Like in all other areas of teaching, vocabulary can suffer the indignity of drill and practice. Of course, drill and practice is a strategy calculated to maximize boredom and minimize memory. However, the practice is cheap; and, like rats or mildew, seems resistant to extinction.

ClassroomToolkit has developed a novel format for creating Daily Oral Vocabulary storylines. These templates use a marvelous program, Visual Thesaurus™, to create graphic organizers of associated words.

The Visual Thesaurus™ program is a tool that has multiple uses across the curriculum.

Here is a link to the program.

Visual Thesaurus™

Cost: about $30 US

At just around $30 US, this program, which can be used for every subject, every day, costs only pennies per use.

Select the link below to see a sample DOV and what we did with the Visual Thesaurus™ program, a word processor, and a screen capture utility.

Link to the sample DOV page.