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Daily Oral Dialogs - Replacement for stale DOLs

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Daily Oral Vocabulary Motivates Reading and Thinking

These Daily Oral Vocabulary samples illustrate how a story line creates and maintains interest for what an instructional activity (memorizing vocabulary) that can degrade into boring and turn-off rote drill.

This file uses a program named “Visual Thesaurus™”" that automatically create the vocabulary graphic organizers.

Visual Thesaurus™ is a program that every teacher can use daily, should use.

The definitions are copied from the Microsoft Word 2003™(TM) Thesaurus.

The links to sample DOVs for each Thematic Unit will appear here as we post them. Keep checking back to see if we have posted the samples. Consider bookmaking this page, or, sign up for our RSS news feed to learn when these resources become available.

  • My Place in the Universe
  • My Place in my State (Texas)
  • My Health
  • Choosing my Careers and Professions
  • What produces Wealth for Society
  • Protecting my Environment
  • Effective Natural Resources Use
  • Our Role in Government
  • Responsible Citizenship

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