Tactical and Strategic Tools

Effective, Tactical and Strategic Tools

What makes the tools you find on this site effective is that they are based upon how children learn. What makes the tools that we offer “tactical” is that they can be used over and over.

What makes these tools “strategic” is that you take small, quick steps that create productive habits. You make these changes without extra effort, and you finally get control of your teaching (and your time).

What makes the tools decrease stress is that your streamlined planning and low-key implementation will result in managed, documented success-outcomes for your students at the same time that you are recapturing time for yourself.

We will also tell you what fads, policies and laws waste your time and limit learning for your students.

In an ideal world, politics would work to benefit teachers. Since that common sense won’t happen, we help teachers to help themselves. You can get around, over and through the obstacles, and your students can thrive, create, think and learn.

If you can teach, you have a privilege and honor that is granted to only a few.

We help you keep focused upon the benefits of teaching, and the joys of sharing students’ successes.

Teaching Tools and Original, Creative Materials

From: Joseph Chmielewski

Daily Oral Language strategies get great results.

Daily Oral Dialogs get results

But, we developed "Daily Oral Dialogs" to get even better results!