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Classroom Management Saves Time and Decreases Teacher Stress

Saving time, decreasing teacher stress…these are goals that your teaching strategy needs to focus upon as you improve classroom management outcomes.

Classroom management means streamlining your planning and your procedures.

Classroom management also means controlling students' behavior, cultivating students' motivation and building partnerships with your students.


Assessment means something different than "grading."

Assessment helps teach more effectively. This decreases stress and saves time.

Grading is the necessary assignment of scores for students that wastes time and increases stress for both teachers and students.

Assessment provides sign posts on the path to quality teaching.

Grades are similar to ruts (sometimes gullies) on the path.

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Behavior Management

Behavior management means the difference between going home feeling refreshed and relaxed, or going home feeling uptight and nervous.

Negative student behavior probably drives more teachers out of the profession than poor principals and a lack of support (a close second).

Positive student classroom behavior is most likely found in classrooms where the teacher believes that students want to behave.

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Organizing and Personal Management Tools

Here is information about organizing your classroom…and for organizing yourself.

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